Mezzanine Floor System

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Mezzanine System

Todays rapid and changing competitive environment demands smart business solutions. Solutions that provide economical alternatives . Solutions that help reduce operating costs. Mezzanine systems are a proven smart solution. They expand your business, not your building, maximizing use of your expensive floor space to provide needed production, assembly, office or storage areas for growth. Mezzanines are free standing or shelf supported. It can be double or triple the usable square footage of existing facility.

The standard mezzanine framing system consists of a steel deck support by joists into main mezzanine beams. If required by design loads, the main beams shall also be supported by intermediate columns. The top flange of the joists fit at same level of the top flange of the primary beams.

The embossments on the top and sides of the deck sheet ribs provide added grip and minimize slip by creating a bond with concrete as done with normal reinforcement.

It provides permanent formwork as well as positive reinforcement. No erection, removal, handling or storage of timber / steel formwork as in conventional concrete slab construction, saving valuable time. Clean, uniform and attractive ribbed underside (soft fit) for exposed situation reduces the cost of ceiling finishes. MS deck sheet is provided for suitable load on the floor and covered with form concrete.


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